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How to Reduce Bookkeeping Fees

  Hi Everyone! Here's a handy tip for your business = how to cut down on bookkeeping and accounting fees. All business owners need to keep an eye on costs, that's a fact. One of the costs that can build up is your bookkeeping and accounting fees.   Cutting costs is often just a matter of: Restructuring slightly if you are hiring internally, or Reallocating responsibilities, and possibly changing data delivery types i f you are outsourcing.   If you are hiring internally and your accountant's salary is earmarked for reduction, here are some of the things you could think about implementing:\ Reducing your accountants hours AND workload.  e.g. perhaps change your accountants contract to mornings only, and distribute the simple repetitive admin tasks to a lower paid clerk. Hybrid outsourced solutions.  Reduce your bookkeeper to mornings only, and outsource your annual work.   Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting can save you huge amounts of money in the long run, if you hav

R200 DISCOUNT OFF WEBSITE PACKAGE! Was R799, now only R599! Valid until 7 May 2023.

      Hi Everyone I'm delighted to offer you or any of your friends this discount!   My normal price for Core Website Package is R799 once off;  BUT BUT BUT --- the first 10 people who order and pay now get R200 discount - - - which means they only pay R599!!  Please note that the package doesn't include domain and hosting fees - if you don't have a domain and a host, then I can organise those for you from around R100 per year and R50 per month approximately. Click Here to read what the Core Website Package includes.  Click Here to get links to some websites I've made. To claim your discount, do this: Click Here to go to the order page. Click the green ADD TO CART button Scroll up and click the SHOPPING CART LINK - top right In the COUPON BODE BOX type in the following coupon code: WBD2301 Click APPLY to the right of the coupon code box. The price will automatically be adjusted. Click CHECKOUT button Fill out your details on the next page.  Don't forget to clic