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Finally, my business website is sorted again!

For the last three years, my WordPress website at became corrupted once a year, and I had to completely redesign it. 

If that wasn't bad enough, some of my keyboard keys decided to give up the ghost.  Thank goodness its

the numeric keypad only, so I can use the numbers along the top row.  Since I am a touch typist (type without looking at the keyboard) my fingers had to learn a new typing pattern really fast!

Well this year I was so swamped with work, I realised I had to change my thinking.

I ditched WordPress and used a template and external modules and resources to create this new look.

I think it turned out about 90% the way I wanted it, and I guess with a bit of tweaking I will get it exactly right. 

If this time next year I have the same issue I will just have to relearn HTML, CSS Ad infinitum.

EEK!! I really hope that does not become a requirement!

Now is the time to get feedback from you about any broken links, spelling mistakes etc.

If you are the type of person that loves detecting issues with websites, proof reading etc, feel free to pop on over to and give me your feedback via the Helpdesk.




How to Reduce Bookkeeping Fees

  Hi Everyone! Here's a handy tip for your business = how to cut down on bookkeeping and accounting fees. All business owners need to keep an eye on costs, that's a fact. One of the costs that can build up is your bookkeeping and accounting fees.   Cutting costs is often just a matter of: Restructuring slightly if you are hiring internally, or Reallocating responsibilities, and possibly changing data delivery types i f you are outsourcing.   If you are hiring internally and your accountant's salary is earmarked for reduction, here are some of the things you could think about implementing:\ Reducing your accountants hours AND workload.  e.g. perhaps change your accountants contract to mornings only, and distribute the simple repetitive admin tasks to a lower paid clerk. Hybrid outsourced solutions.  Reduce your bookkeeper to mornings only, and outsource your annual work.   Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting can save you huge amounts of money in the long run, if you hav

Free Business Tips Events - Get on the Invite List Now!

  NOTICE! Please note that we are planning to do regular free online business events for small business. These will be 30 to 40 minute events designed to bring tips and how-tos to small business people.  These workshops or events have a wide range of topics, including marketing, online presence, administration, systems, finance and more. We currently charge between R150 and R300 per seat for this type of event - but we will be offering free seats approximately once a month.       Here is a list of candidates who qualify to attend this type of event:   Work from home Self employed Employed part time, self-employed part time Affiliate marketers or commission based Small business online Small business offline Sole proprietor Small Pty Ltd Start ups Pre Start-ups   If you are not sure that you qualify, Click Here to contact us and find out. To get on our invite list, simply subscribe to our mailing list HERE.  To suggest a topic for one of our future events, CLICK HERE .  Please share this