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I'm Impressed with how Accounting Software has evolved

I was reflecting today about how, over the last 40 odd years, accounting record methods have evolved. Here is a trip down memory lane for you: At the tender age of 19 I decided I wanted to know how to do accounts, because I knew I would be in business someday....I thought that if I knew how to do accounting then .. nobody could cheat me out of my money. (How naive I was - and that's another story for another day!) I enrolled with ICBA (International College of Bookkeeping and Accounting) in Zimbabwe, and embarked on a 3 year course to learn all things bookkeeping and accounting. I did this by distance learning, at my own page. I had to write 3 international Pitman of UK exams, and I aced them all with an average of 95% each. During that time I started working at Coopers and Lybrand in Harare, Zimbabwe as a junior accountant. I worked there for almost three years before moving on to Arthur Young, Ernst and Whinney in the same city.   All bookkeeping was done manually. And I mean man

Blog Open!

  Finally, my business website is sorted again! For the last three years, my WordPress website at became corrupted once a year, and I had to completely redesign it.  If that wasn't bad enough, some of my keyboard keys decided to give up the ghost.  Thank goodness its the numeric keypad only, so I can use the numbers along the top row.  Since I am a touch typist (type without looking at the keyboard) my fingers had to learn a new typing pattern really fast! Well this year I was so swamped with work, I realised I had to change my thinking. I ditched WordPress and used a template and external modules and resources to create this new look. I think it turned out about 90% the way I wanted it, and I guess with a bit of tweaking I will get it exactly right.  If this time next year I have the same issue I will just have to relearn HTML, CSS Ad infinitum. EEK!! I really hope that does not become a requirement! Now is the time to get feedback from you about an